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Department of Assamese

As a modern Indian Language, the department of Assamese was introduced with the establishment of Moran Mahila Mahavidyalaya on 8th July 1992. All students of the college are related with this department. At present there are 80 numbers of students in Semester classes. As a literature subject Assamese department has a "Literary Cell" from 2006. The Cell organise Seminar, discussion of different literary topic etc. The students are also given equal opportunity for their intellectual development by their various writings through the department Wall Magazine named "Abhigyan" 2006.

Faculty Members:

faculty member
Mrs Arunima Dutta
faculty member
Mrs Shyamalima Changmai
faculty member
Dr. Nirod Gohain
faculty member
Mrs. Debajani Tamuli
The list of students securing 1st class in Three Years Degree Course under Dibrugarh University.

  1. Papori Katoky (2007)
  2. Leena Deori (2009)
  3. Rakhi Rajkumari (2010)
  4. Tilumoni Phukan (2010)
  5. Rimjim Phukan (2010)
  6. Moniprova Mohan (2011)
  7. Pankhi priya Sharma (2012)
  8. Gayatri Baruah (2012)

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